Monday, November 2, 2009

manede nanges..~

plek oh.. nk tulis entry kali ni dlm Melayu. akoo pnah jnji klu akoo tulis melayu akoo tulis pnoh2 tnpe ade sket pon bhse hebrew atao bhase basi.. jd bce je la eh.. tamao bce klik je X kt hujung kanan ats page ni.. akoo xd hal..

td ptg.. ke ptg td huh? x kesah laa.. akoo g bce blog seseorg ni.. die dok isukan pasal keibubapaan yang moden.. secare keseluruhannye die x stuju la ngan konsep cmtu..akoo pon.. ye ah klu bia lame2 nnti bak kate die sket hari lg anak2 pggil mak ayh ngan name je.. cam: eyh Jantan akoo nk kua tgk wayang ngan kawan eh.. mintak duet sket tan, akoo ngah sengkek ah.. k ah, akoo chow dlu eh atan.. bleh ka cmtu? dh mcm bdk laki masuk air yang blakon cite The Ring yg jd kawan si Sadako tu je akoo nengok pggil2 mak sndiri ngan name je.. jgn weyh mak klu ade 18 xp(oh.. x2.. tetap x boleh!!).. ni lagi pulak.. satu je tawuk..

tp bkn ni senanye akoo nk cte.. jd smbg cite.. lps abes bce post tu akoo pon tgk ah org2 pnye komen kt bwh2 tu kan.. rate2 sume x sokong ah isu tu.. tp ad sorg ni die komen2 pastu die kate hargailah mak mase die tgh ad ni nnti dh xd terngiang2 pesanan jerit2 die pggil blk umah la.. blaja rajin2 la ape la.. sbb org yg komen tu tgh mengalami kehilgn mak beliau.. so akoo ngan x knal spe gerangan org tu ngan xd amarannye g ah jengah blog die.. tajuk post die pendek je.. bonda. dlm blog tu die cite ah sbb die blaja plg jaoh (die dok ganu.. blaja kt pulau pinang..hmm..) mak die xpnah g tgk die lg walaupon mak die pnah ckp satu hari nnti nk dtg tgk die.. dan sbb die plg jaoh gak la mse mak die meninggal tu die sorg je dlm adek bradik die yg x smpat nk tgk mak die kne kebumi.. ad byk lg die cte psl mak die.. akoo senanye jrg bce psl mak2 ni pastu ad rse nk cengeng.. tp ni ah kali ke satu akoo bce cerite org yang sumpah akoo x knal.. tp akoo nk nanges bce cite die ngan cmne die kwl diri die spy x rindu kt mak die sgt..

tetibe akoo ingt umi ngan abah akoo kot.. adohai..lagi ah akoo nk nanges.. tp airmate ni die brani bg signal je nk kua.. die x leh kua..berani ah..klu x, akoo sendiri akn korek mate akoo sbb nanges x tentu pasal..bce cite org tu wat akoo sedikit cuak.. klu jd kt akoo cmne? ape akoo nk wat wehh? pastu yg tu time bru tao.. nnti dh tao cmne plak.. n ble sume dh selesai.. lps2 tu lagi? nnti sape nk tepon akoo dgr akoo kutok2 org ni org support ble akoo rse x sronok ngan ape yg akoo ngah wat skang atao seblom ni.. bru akoo tao nape abg yg blaja kt banting tu pon ske tepon umi slalu2.. wat seketika akoo impressed ngan makne perbuatan die wat kali pertame hehe..

jd secare pendeknye senanye akoo rindu ah umi ngan abah akoo.. apsal? x leh? rindu sampai ke tulang telulang.. tp kdg x tckp pon kt umi akoo mase tepon.. asek2 mngadu indonesia ni panas.. dh muflis.. laptop rosak.. ad longkang ngan bau longkang sejati..mase kuliah dok kt bangku smpai saket bontot.. dll yang x penting.. kdg senanye akoo tamao umi risao, kdg senanye akoo mmg mnje dan nk cite sume2 kt umi akoo..tgk ah keadaan cmne.. tp slalu umi akoo kate satu ayt je.. walaupun die ulang2 tp akoo ttp akn rse terpujok ngan ayt tu walaupon tiap2 kali pon umi ckp bnde yg same.. mak akoo kate: "xp la tahan sket kan tgh berjihad.." tone mak akoo tetap same everytime tp tu ah.. mcm sejenis ponstan dah akoo rse.. nk wat thn perit bnde2 leceh kt sni kan..dan ia sgt berksn.. dgn syarat Puan Rosnah Shukor la yg ckp.. haha.. k.. dh2.. nnti klu cte lagi akoo tepakse korek bijik mate akoo btol2 lak.. nnti nk tgk slide kuliah filsafat pak jefta cmne plak an?

sekian.. timekaseh~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

before dis gets flush off..part second

wut did i blab about? oh yeah.. my acer sayang~ okie2..

hmm.. there goes my memory bizarre.. agak x ingt disitu.. jap2..

oh.. at that time i'm home from class n the nite before, just before i hit the bed i encountered some sort of unusual system of not responding on all the windows tab operating that starts with the wmp list.. nothing could be done.. its jammed all over.. and before long, the lappy hanged.. since a toddler, i can never tolerate any kind of system of a down let it b in bikes, p.s. phone, the brick game thingy or even ball.. there's no chance of seeing me pleading the devices wif kaseh-sayang mode like "ohh jgn la rosak", "please get back to normal" n whatnot.. u'll only get to hear me swearing all i might then took off the battery or turning off the main power system.. so i did exactly dat.. blame me for all u want but hey, i wasn't borned a technician okayy.. hehs.

i was downloading the full album of the drop-dead dreamy jeff buckley.. the next morning when i put back the batt, it refused to start windows.. didn't i say before i have a problem on morning wake ups? so i was in a half-awake-still-dreaming state n i'm as always.late. oh dammit.. i'm late n the windows is nailing me.. so i unplugged the power supply n i'm off to class couldn't care lessly~

class usually finished before noon.. done with class for the day, i made a heavenly plan of going back, listening to the mista buckley i previously downloaded.. oh yeah, absolutely forgotten my lappy had gone bananas.. as soon as i reached the room first thing first was turning on my laptop.. although not very surprised, ever tasted the feeling of hoping confidently on something n it turns out disastrous to the point where cat got your tongue? the setback wasn't huge.. tp my jeff buckley? sigh~ nk carut pun speechless dh.. cuz it won't start no matter wut i do..

later.. the others(as in my floormates) came back n we had lunch at the alley when one of us popped a subject of sumthing about blogs n online shopping n stuffs then told me to go surf the web bout it.. i was facing the floor as i have no interest in shopping since i publicly declared not long ago that "afiqahadillah xd duit"which by short means that i'm terribly pokai tahap kalah mahjong ngan sifu.. then i answered back: hmm.. dlu time arwah laptop akoo ad rajin gak g link tu.. all eyes attention were drawn to me..they ask me as if its their first time of hearing my laptop goes on strike.. i get up.. put on an u-heard-it-rite face n walk away..

lucky for me.. i have faaza (tenkiuus kandak.. lebiu!) this time saying dat she wants to fix her OS counterfeiting problem n stuffs. so we went to the fixing centre n have both our laptops fixed overnite.. mine got reformatted (alaa~ mcm x biase plak) but i got new additional softwares.. later, i spill it to abah bout wat happened n how devastating to loose my ongoing-no-backup assignmnts in the laptop (manje.. akoo tau..) upon hearing it for the second time.. dis is wat the king responded ngan tenangnye : "screwed again? next time u see a river bank.. just throw it down there.. " then saying he'd asked abang to buy hardisk for me later.. tengss abah!

ohh.. u did not expect me to stop only in this part kan x? there's more to come.. dh mcm starwars la plak an.. bear with me okie.. till then.. tenkiuuus~

Monday, October 12, 2009

before dis gets flush off

this is wat telling off the story of the aspire 4530 that i own wud most likely be..

bought: 1 year 4 months ago
price: mystery (abah belikan)
color: ambiguosly dark blue
purpose:assgnmnt ngan tekun *yeah rite piko~*

basically dis is it.. n i tot we'd live happily ever after which makes me commit a huge mistake.. there's a series of unfortunate events that follows..

since at home i got abg to fix this..fix that.. n everything for me..(thnx abg!!) nothing left to b worried of since if the windows goes sengal by not responding for 2 seconds i'd b yelling for abg to fix it for me.. but seriously.. all the way at home.. nothing serious happened to this device of mine.. we really did live a happy time back then.. (internet lg laju kt my room then abg's).. then i bid the homeland a final farewell..

arrived from bandara.. on the phone wif umi.. tired from fasting n whatnot.. sat down to unpacked.. pull of the laptop from the bag n thought of watching movies taken from the hardisks
back at home.. suddenly the windows jammed.. couldn't care less as i've always been..i took off the battery to only give me the second biggest shock in my 18 years of living..(the first was to discover my sister boleh x yah g skolah agama.. berkire..i noe~) when i restarted the darn windows.. it keeps on repeating the same starting procedure n to start the windows is as impossible as hoping we're not studying here rite now.. sgt susah.. devastated at the first 2 minutes..i wished i didn't came here.. sedih okayy~ then the lappy gets reformatted n by the time its in my hands again, the condition is sgt suci.. bersih drpd file2 of hardwork in Unity.. adoyy.. xp, i'm okay.. jgn rosak lagi keh lalink~

before long.. another part..

tp nxt post eh.. etika kristian n book reviews menunggu ah..

call me a bad ass or whatnot.. as a judgemental community u hv all the rights to do so.. its in the All human rights article..(not the part of calling me a bad ass tho).. ske ati ah.. my post.. my story.. my blog.. tenkiuuss~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

to be frank, i'm fond of it..

my name dat is..

oh shite.. i did another mischievous doings again.. then, there we have it.. my dad goes off yelling my name: AfiqahAdillah!! u set ur foot here rite dis instant! dare me n u'll b sleeping outside.. so thats wat happened evry once in a while.. since i'm a good(at-hiding-my-mistakes)girl n abang hates me for that.. i don't get to have my name yelled off dat frequent.. but that's not the thing.. i'm impressed by how my full name cud actually make me grew very fond of it..

it started just recently.. there's a phone call from a long~long~long~ time buddy.. this friend of mine keeps calling me by my full name during the whole length of conversation without forgetting.. (ke senanye die lpe akoo ni piko?) so u see.. when i met someone new, introduction of my name would be:piko.. back then i used to introduce me as afiqah to someone new.. but times after, i tot, owh..wut the hell? sooner before i knew, they'd be calling me piko too n the name afiqah wud b history.. i'm cool with it bcos to me, if u noe me as piko then it differs u as my friend sbb friends call friends by their nicks n that's common.. i don't blame u guys for not knowing my full name or anything like it, besides loads of my science school peeps didn't noe i have AfiqahAdillah as a real name..people wud say: "owh, name pnoh ko afiqah adillah?" its not like i give a damn whether u noe it or not cause i find it amusing.. but somehow i kind of find myself in a dumbfounded state when i noe u long enuff to actually pull off ur intestine without having ur mother running after me with a parang for doing such things to u.. but not bothering to noe my actual name is a little too much now don't u think.. but if u can't even remember wat my name is, then i guess its harder to say it off, let alone spelling it..

i have a friend, after watching one of the episodes of nur kasih, insisted on people to call her by her whole name.. (we tend to shorten it n call her by only the 2 end syllables) see.. i tot if i asked for the same thing, it'd be too much to asked for.. so i hushed, but later people keep asking n asking like i'm the information counter.. what's wrong with ur real name? don't u like it? it sounds nice to me.. the worst i've got so far wud b: kesian en.Mohamad Nor, penat2 beliau cari name best2, last2 jd piko? i felt like i've just came back from the oath departmnt n oath out my real name to b piko.. pastu i announced that from today n after i wud like to b piko in my ic, in my passport, in my kitas, on my belongings, to the extend that i'll be forever stick to piko as my real name that i want it carved on my tombstone in jawi when i die.. oh, come on.. its a nick n it stops there.. i signed my T.C. using the name afiqah.. my account name is honoured under my full name.. aiyoo.. relax will u? or if u still at the state of unaccepting which i cudn't make myself understand why.. take it like this.. u noe me as piko to differentiate this AfiqahAdillah from the afiqahs n adillahs u noe ur whole life.. ok? gud?

after writing all this, i wondered why do i bother thinking out ur disambiguity of my name as piko? oh, rite because its the world full off crazy judgmental people that never seems to settle down n understand as the way it is.. so if u find it still indigestable.. i don't give a damn.. fine.. go ahead, call me by AfiqahAdillah n waste ur amylase-medium.. as if i cared~

AfiqahAdillah.. thnx abah!!~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

things can't afford to be ignorant of..

thinking of how different the present raya is compared to the last n many previous ones never fails to amuse me.. if a graph were to b drawn.. its going down anually.. dis raya is always better TO BE LAUGHED AT than the previous one.. the occuring trivias mmg sumpah minta dikutuk.. n as a result: a revolting rage.. biasenye i dun rage by myself.. rage is fun when u hv few kroni yg satu kepala.. (dis rage is based on wat us siblings been yapping about)

hari raya is a sacred decent tradition celebrated by muslims.. thnx to umee.. it proves to give us, crazy siblings a family warmth where i impossibly can get elsewhere.. i love my mum.. n hari raya too.. but the more i see it.. the more present hari raya is seen ridiculed.. like how? lets start raging.. (it's my rage peeps.. ske ati ah nk ckp pe)

Hari Raya is Worth to be Raged on when:

i. how people cud just forgive with a simple apology line of maaf zahir batin..after swearing to hate the other party inside outside
u hv been in hot boiling water with somebody for almost a year.. siap sumpah lagi x mao ampunkn smpai 7 keturunan.. but then it only took one sweet smile n two sticking out hands saying slamat hari raya n wat not to make ur patella out of place n there's ur hepi ending~

ii.u keep on introducing whose son/daughter u r to the cousins n elders every year
dis to the xtend smpai rse cm nk pakai nametag siap ngan self-brief history lg..apebnde ntah x ingt2 akoo ank sape.. ad tu kenal abg akoo tp x knal akoo.. dh tu ingt akoo ni awek abg akoo.. so ngan slambenye akoo ckp: aah, kitorg tinggal serumah.. ha, nk tkeluar bijik mate dgr.. (argh.. *annoyed*) boleh ka cmtu? akoo bkn suh ingt koordinat tmpt duduk akoo time drjh 2 dulu..

iii.the now showing on telly drives us bananas
boleh ka tiap2 tahun pun nk roll the same weeping mellow hindustan film.. but dats not the point.. the crazy thing is, org layan.. klu tayang seploh kali seploh kali tu la nk tgk.. kadang sambil2 tu siap mouthing the dialogues lg.. klu x cte hindustan, cite melayu.. n that is specific..:REMPIT. pastu the rookie singers r violating the sweet-worth-kudos classic hari raya songs.. it's too out of tune la weyh.. rse cm nk taboh je diorg ni..sigh~sigh~sigh~

iv.people tot giving xtra few ringgit wud enlist them as the people with world hunger problems
yg ni fo sho all of u won't agree n claim me greedy.. well taste dis.. eversince u can't remember, this uncle of urs bg duit raye at a super constant value.. as a judgemental clan.. (mcm akoo x tao) korg mesti ckp.. ey, bersyukur la drpd xd piko.. when i shoot dis to umi, being angelic as she always is.. beliau kate.. yela, korg kan 5 org.. so budget die dh 25 hengget.. klu die bg sorg 10 dh brape hengget kne kua.. x fair la sbb anak die sorg je.. ee.. my umi never put that to account when it comes to giving his kid duit raye.. (aiyoh! marahnye~) besides, salah kitorg ke ank die sorg je? *pulling hair*

to b frank.. there r more rages to b trashed about.. truckloads of 'em.. but then, since this is the eid n maaf zahir batin seems to b the magic word, lets put it at halt.. ey, notice i didn't swear at all now didn't i? i deserve some cmplimnts i believe.. hehs. Jadi, saye AfiqahAdillah Mohamad Nor wud took off evry bits of sincerity deep down in me to amend my mistakes of sayings, doings, n thinkings by means or no means by my deepest apology.. there r times when i blurted out words n actions out of emotionality rather than rationality n that i'm sorry too.. Selamat Hari Raya!!~


Saturday, August 15, 2009

not just yet.. but then missing already part 1

i'm posting dis not because it bugs me or anythng.. but it just occurs dat i tend to forgot in immediate attempt without evn the urge to do so.. well enuff, lets be girlish n wrote it down or else my chronic short term memory bizzare will gracefully sweep it away in no time.. in other words.. i'm trying hard to make myself believe i'm not jotting down diaries.. so don't xpect me to be dear diary this and dear diary dat okay..

lemme tell off one heartfelt story.. *grabbing tissues unintendedly (self-provoking)*

it was one sunny day..(wat else cud the weather be? its malaysia peeps!) i was waiting for the driving instructor to send me home when my friend whom at dat time i didn't evn bother to know the name shoot me dis: "weh.. ni dh lesen ni pasni dpt kete plak ke?" being not much of a cnsiderate back then n still going on inconsiderate now.. i said: "ntah.. *x pedulik*" the cnvrsation went off in a snap.. n before long ..we r ROFL till the instructor came n shove our arses home..

but then later.. it makes me thnk though.. abg gets his first car apprxmately 6 months? after his P license debut? so.. i close the tot of driving a legal road vehicle other than bicycle in this first few months was understandably impossible.. well, if i get to drive a car as soon as that JPJ people printed out my license.. u don't hv to wait long till abg goes bananas bout it..

still.. wat do people say bout waiting patiently n not xpecting nor anticipating too much? yea rite.. big reward an? bout a month after the instructor came at 7 in the morning honking in front of the house n forcing me to show up with my pillow headed face to receive my license.. abg said: "td abah g showroom gen 2.. abg rse abh nk bli.. yea2.. abg dpt kete bru.. nnti ko pakai la kete lame abg tu eh.." ignoring him as always.. i said:"ckp ngan org ke? tamao ah pakai kete abg.. i'm finding myself a driver.." watever i says never get to his heart though.. but this time.. i wildly guessed that.. he trades the old car of his for a manual one.. so.. that leaves me to drive the gen 2..

at first i don't actually like the car.. its long.. its 1.6 (heavy2..) it has a spoiler..(differentiating it from being a total persona) and the spoiler is not helping either.. i mean its not like i'm ramming it down to 180km/h or smthng on my early days of driving kan? sigh~ n plus.. the color is not that fun either.. at first i tot gray-like blue wud be nice.. but then i saw another of its type with somewhat a nicer color.. blame me for not being grateful or anything else..(as if i had no idea dat u definitely will.. u judgemental people!) tp mcmane nk bwk kete besar n berat cmtu klu si driving academy tu aja pakai kncil jeh.. payah kot..

tp tu ah.. org kate.. klu awl2 niat x btol.. x btol la jdnye kan2? when i started serious driving.. as in doing errands.. g kedai.. drive to college n all.. a chain series of unfortunate events happened to my MQ 73.. oh.. there were loads of 'em! cards on the table.. in return.. u won't want me to drive u even if the journey is a fart away.. trust me.. no kidding..

i want to list it.. but i've had enuff of typing for today.. till then..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dh sebulan dh.. ye.. saye bersalah..

dgr cte post kali ni akn ditulis dlm bhase melayu.. *bersorak* biar korg rse betape seksenye bile kite terikat ngan bahase.. sebarang perkataan selain dlm bahase tersebut akn didenda.. (*gementar*.. xtahu boleh abes ke x kiriman blog kali ni..)

oh.. minta maaf.. minta maaf.. sbb kelewatan pasal cte jakarta ni adalah thp nage.. byk bende ah yg tjd.. kamera hilang la.. xd bateri la.. nk amek tp ad dlm kete dan mse tu dh pukol 3 pagi la.. tertinggal kt mane2 ntah lg.. dlm blk umee tp blk umee kunci la ape la.. haih~

baiklah.. ( sbb x pasti "ok" tu BM ke bahase inggeris jd baik gne yg slamat..) bln lps.. sejak jd penanam anggur sepenuh mase.. aku g jakarta.. dh tao kan.. baik2.. kite potong pendek.. (pleknye~) penerbgn dr malaysia petang @ 4 lebih cmtu la.. pastu smpai sne kul 5 lebih waktu indon.. tp.. kt sne dh gelap.. nk maghrib dh.. pastu akoo ckp2 la ngan pakcik yg jmput kitorg tu bleh x bwk lalu lalang kt ukrida.. die kte ok set.. jom~

oleh sbb dh pukol 6 stengah n hari dh gelap mcm kul 9.. klu kat umah x blk2 drpd pdg mainan lg umee mesti dh g crk2 sniper (ni mmg nme die eh) smbil pggil nme pnoh akoo gamaknye haha.. jd mse lalu tu x nmpk la sgt bgnan ukrida tu dgn jelas.. pastu jlnraye tu sbenanye sesak.. tp elok2 dpn ukrida dh lancar dh.. jd x leh la nk tatap lme2 dn btol2 malam tu.. sbb org2 kt jakarta ni.. frekuensi tekan hon diorg lebih tinggi sket drpd tekan minyak.. diorg x ske memandu tnpe dgr hon diorg mcm beborak ngan hon kete2 lain.. sunyi mungkin..

akoo kt jakarta adlh dlm 4 hari.. hari ptame kn dh mlm.. jd g hotel.. tido.. oh2.. bgnn yg bsmbg ngan hotel tu ad pusat membeli belah.. seberang jalan ad satu lg pusat membeli belah dn dlm 500 meter seblh pusat membeli belah yg tu ad lg due.. byk an? x larat.. tp sume tutop kul 10.. x sronok..x sronok..

jd hari kedua (g bndung) dn hari ketiga tidak syak lg adlh membeli belah semate-mate.. akoo rse indonesia pun tgh ad jualan mega gakla mse tu.. pegi mne2 sume jualan belake.. x ckop mnjual kt dlm.. luar kedai pun ad gak.. kdai branded tuh.. blom tgk lg kdai jual ciplak ngan kedai jual mainan.. tp akoo rse xd ah sronok pun aktiviti ni.. sbb pusat2 membeli belah die pnoh sgt ngan org.. bkn lorat ke ape.. tp terlalu rmai org.. akoo rse besar kmungkinan klu masuk dlm pegang tgn org yg dkenali.. kua2 pegang tgn brader yg jual dunkin donut ciplak ngan teh botol tu.. bleh jd la *tgh byg*.. hehs.

mase dlm kapal trbg.. abg akoo ad ckp.. "abg bce dlm wiki die kate indonesia ni air die x bersih sbb die ad masalah ngan sistem pengurusan air.. x ckop bajet wiki kate" tp disebabkn akoo slalu sgt dh kne tipoo ngan die ni.. jd akoo cm pcaye2 die tipoo gak la.. tp lg byk x pcaye la ape yg die ckp ni.. tp slalu ape yg akoo putuskn akn jd sebaliknye.. dn kali ni skali lg membuktikn lgkh akoo utk pcaye yg abg akoo tipoo akoo adlh salah.. warne air die pelik.. mule2 sbb akoo yg msk dlu toilet dlm hotel tu.. akoo ingt.."hotel ni cm terbaik je.. air pun mesti yg terbaik kn x? (akoo ingt die boh herba ke mende2.. sangke baik nih..)" tp lps tu.. masuk la si ratu drama ni..(alyn-adek akoo)
bru je dgr penyiram dibuka.. die jerit: "air ni rse cm jmbn!!" (di bertutur dlm bhse inggeris senanye.. tp ngade sgt.. x sggop nk tulis..) ok.. jgn tnye akoo cmne die tao rse jmbn tu cmne.. tp klu mndi kulit rse licin la.. haha.. benar2 tatao bersih ke kotor senanye lps mndi tu.. dn jmbn die klu flush pun kaler air sme je.. akoo tatao la kt tmpt2 lain pun mcm ni ke x.. tp yg akoo perasan.. seluruh hotel tu.. ad warne air yg sme.. bkn jernih ok..

sambung pasal ukrida..

penerbgn balik akoo ptg.. jd sekali lg akoo geng ngan abh suh ckp kt pakcik yg bwk ktorg tu utk bwk g tgk ukrida.. die ngan kepakaran bwk livina manual tu pun tros g Grogol (nme tmpt ukrida ni agak x sronok utk dsebot kn?).. jd.. ni ah gmbr2 yg akoo.. oh x.. abh tangkpkn.. (sbb akoo tgkp asyik dpt gmbr pokok je.. )

haha.. tadaa~

ni dh dlm kawasan ukrida dh..

separuh jln drpd pintu masuk..

pintu masuk utama.. (rsenye la.. lpe dh..)

kt lua tu die pacak mnde ni..

ni skolah.. dipisahkn dgn satu gelanggang bk..

pangsapuri btol2 dpn ukrida tu.. jarak die cm dr blok E nk g ane kolam..

akoo x g tgk dlm sbb kne ad pas pelawat la bagai yg sama dgn lecehness.. sbb tu la gambr sume ikot pndgn hadapan je.. pastu akoo tnye pakcik tu.. ukrida ad kmpus lain x.. die kate xd.. bile dh blk m'sia.. bru akoo tahu.. ad rpenye.. n kmpus tu kmpus dokter.. jd besar kemungkinan xd la blaja kt sni kn x? ke akoo tipoo? ntah la.. dh mengong la tulis pjg2..

oh.. lg satu.. sekeliling tu ad universitas2 yg lain.. name2 diorg payah nk ingt.. yg akoo ingt satu je.. trisakti.. sbb pakcik tu kate tu cm university utk bdk2 yg lahir dgn sudu perak kt mulut (tgk.. sape kate tulis bhse melayu senang?) je.. kire mak ayh kaye thp nage la bdk2 ni..

pastu sampai umah.. saket2.. (tbukti abg akoo x tipoo psl wiki tu).. elergi dgr ape2 bkaitn indon.. haha.. bru la dpt tulis kiriman blog ni.. cikgu rafidah mesti bgge ngan akoo smpai rse nk kejar2 ngan parang..

skali lg.. saye minta maaf.. lmbt mengirim blog..*tunduk dgn ikhlas*

baiklah.. selamat tinggal~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

despicable pink n the sayings

i went.. to jakarta.. last 10th to 13th.. some gud thngs r good.. others.. awful.. i got an extremely special souvenier.. sick.. weylaa piko.. sakett sket pun nk g tao dunia.. ya.. pampered.. i noe.. akoo g toilet lg slalu drpd kelip mate n such stories sure korg x kan allow ur eyeballs to read kan? oh.. nk cte psl ukrida ngan sume2 kt jakarta tu nxt post la eh.. nk puke la..

piko.. nape blog ko english je.. cat caught ur mother tongue? tidaak.. english akoo mcm crapness tao.. jd.. the least i cud do.. practice tules in english in blogs la.. ye ah.. nxt post i'll write malay.. akoo kan melayu...*gave myself goosebumps*

when i fell sick.. my mum blame jakarta for the food n the shopping timing.. haha.. my sis blamed the water.. she said the water taste like toilet evn if u stay in 16 twinkling stars hotel skalipun.. haha.. i blame the sayings that ur in pink of health.. since i despise the color.. now the nature is trying to get back at me.. like the color or u'll never b healthy.. like, neva okay..

got 2 ciao.. need to puke..again..sigh~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

what makes u a royal shi*head??

last friday, i went back to melaka.. yea la jmpe my nenek.. xkan jmpe hang tuah plak.. b4 crashing at her place.. first off we head to the bank.. my umee wants to poke money.. n guess wat i saw right at the outside of the bank.. some kid begging at people that walks out of the bank for some extra bucks.. yes a beggar if i must say.. but somehow, it struck my long-gone-due-to-no-use rationality because my brother said that such people are orphans from the orphanage.. upon hearing dat, i was like.. wut the hell? is the fact that they have no parents give u the green light to make them beg.. well thats not the worst part here.. the money they get aren't for them, its for another third party dat uses it all on their own benefits.. oh come on~

the thing that hell i couldn't make myself understand is, why make fool out of people's empathy? using orphans to beg is one of the lowest thing of morale to b done.. if they don't have any morale then dats another story.. but think of it if such things ever happen to someone of ur flesh n blood? so, i don't get it.. do these people ever think or heartfelt? no brains or no heart?stuuupid~

rite.. i'm not noble myself either.. i swear n curse like saying hello.. solat bleh kire seblah tgn jeh beb.. but then i'm still aware that makan harta ank yatim dose kott.. both my empathy n sympathy are as small as the matches drawer but i think i've use it all dis time because its too pitiful to see wut the orphans hv to do to ensure living.. n its not for their benefits though.. its for some other scumbag dat hv horrendous heart n face to do it themselves.. it awakens me to realize how less gratitude i hv been all these while for not fully appreciating what i have n had all along.. people might say i'm just being soft hearted.. but i say, the world is being harsh n unfair.. its not just me then.. its me n the world i suppose..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sleeping pills? No?

its striking 2 in the a.m. manner.. i cudn't wink my eyes to actually cnvince me to crash the slumbers.. its tiring but yet insomniac ruling..

i'm done filling the agreements.. all there's left is for certified true copy n upacara tandatangan secare berjemaah.. the lecehness? its out of question.. wuts not? in times like dis..

i can't decide to call this a problem or x.. here goes.. i get over emotions in split seconds.. the moment i think deep.. is actually the moment i forget to overreact..(i hardly get the chance dat all girls do!!) sometimes.. its kudos.. most of the time.. it sucks.. it really does.. n guess wat? i dun giv a damn.. haha.. crazy.. double ditto.. i noe..

there's this ridiculously amusing thing going on in the agreement.. somewhat i've came across the requirement that needed u to tell: negara pilihan.. *pulling hair* bile kale plak kite diberi pilihan dlm perkare ini weh.. n since i tot so.. mara answered quite beforehanded.. i think they just got the whole idea of me killing myself due to such requirement if we were to fill it up or they're just plain understanding now don't they..

oh eyes.. please sleep.. n eyelids.. please meet.. the eyeballs feel like popping out.. n mouth.. please..please..yawn.. a simple one will do.. i promise no more excess sleep now dat i can't afford one..

n.. oh yeah.. org2 kampung!! teeqah ad tepon bru kot.. Nokia 5800 silver..!! toodz~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

something to b expected..

ahah.. here's a thing to start with.. its indonesia people! haha.. bet i didn't c this one coming though.. ya..ya.. btol la tu.. Ukrida,indonesia that is..

the kri stands proudly as kristen.. (not very proud to say out loud kan x?) my parents r worried hell.. (who's not?) somehow i'm going anyway.. but here's the thing.. the forms to be filled up is a pile.. i'm not through reading it yet.. sebabnye.. everytime i tried.. my hands chilled.. mcm nk wat presentation.. n send chills up my spine too.. sigh~sigh~sigh~ nothing of me that actually does listens to me lately.. body dysfunction gamaknye..

oh yeah.. i waved my goodbye already to the best self-stayed accomodation in my life ever=Palm Spring Condominium.. ok2.. i didn't live it off my own wages but still.. i stayed there now didn't i? if only i cud.. i would definitely not want to set my arse away from dat place.. its too convenient to be true.. but then who gives a damn? we live in things we make-believe at times..

so.. there's visa to go.. things to pack up organizingly(such word exist? no?) forms to fill.. forms to submit.. health to examine.. my pasport actually expires on april 2013 while i graduated (if i don't flunk(i hope not)) on the same year only later which fall on the june i think.. so from may to june i thought of trying to experience being illegal can i? haha.. *excited for nothing*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

and thats that.. what is?

dh sebulan since my last approxmately to b adequate.. there's no busy, nor hustle, nor timeless.. the fittest word wud b cudn't b bothered..haha.. + a huge laziness.. many things turned up since the IB nite.. my daily stuffs r a bit topsy turvy now.. it always has been kan x? scratch dat.. my life is as crazy as it is.. well wuts not.. =)

hmm.. after IB, let see.. oh yeah, i went tru a verry.. how to put this.. sucky? despicable? i dunno~ day.. i was behind the wheels for the longest time n the furthest distance in my p license history..
it was wednesday.. my IT class was on the second session.. so, me with a couple of my friends went on to accompany my other friend for a check up.. well there goes nothing.. first to the pusrawi nearby, then refered to the selayang hospital to only b turned down for one damn reccomendation letter that soon brings us to set our foot to sumwhere in selayang area.. oh right, by the time we got there, its lunch time.. but the q was reaching hundreds.. so we decide to climb off to the darling place of semashurians-Ulu yam people! there, was the most unfortunate happened.. we actually met a nurse who isn't at all friendly but also cranky to the tops.. i got all furious just thinking the way things going on for us with her that time.. lyk sumbody we noe kan deby? hahaha.. n guess wut.. we actually tried our luck to go to the place before we hit ulu yam.. n we got the letter we've wanted the whole day without worries.. if only we waited a bit.. haaiih..~ oh yeah, that's the day, i skipped a full day classes.. shud get a medal now don't i? =P

oh yes.. since a month passes by, i m now officially not going to bandung.. i dunno.. what? EVERYTHING seriously.. i dunno wat hell is turning up actually, why, where will i b after dis, when i'll be flying.. i dunno these shit.. seriously i don't.. n when bothersome+wonderings.. no its not awesome.. its aweful n revoltingly tiring.. people say this n dat.. it gives hope though.. but not for long.. the hopes r quickly demolished the moment it got build up.. but nothing is yet to be confirmed.. it's a verry shitty feeling i must say..

the latest thing.. hmm.. oh yea.. our lecturing hours r over n done with people! that is the cherry on top of the cream.. but the cream doesn't taste good.. yeah we're done with lectures.. but the scheds r now filled with labs.. it sounds fun though.. but hearing can never b believing.. we moved our classes to a new building the college has been renting.. new to us but not the building.. the labs r downstairs.. set up just for us-the foundation peeps.. but it was hot as in burning.. its like a visit its like a job in the sauna where the temps are the max.. n the best thing was, during experimnts, we must put on the lab coats, kill me now.. urrghh~~
well dats wut to endure for the moment.. lets face the heat now that we can't do anything can't we? ciao~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

50 bucks worth of repenting-tears

oh yeah.. last feb (wut date.. x ingt dh..) pegi IB!! best.. dat place never fails to amuse me.. (ya la.. the plays were diffrnt kan..) dis time around.. pegi ngan housies!! all this while i've been there with semashurians.. riding on the school bus.. ahah.. not dis time bebeh.. me, Nurafiqah Adillah Mohamad Nor, risking the lives of sum other 4 anak orang drive to IB.. hehs.

IB was ok.. so was the show.. oh x2.. scratch that.. the show was inevitably mesmerizing.. my 50 bucks was worth indeed.. i tot so.. nk pegi lagi.. nak g lagi..! nk dok kt grand circle lak.. x kire..

disbbkn the storyline of our journey kt IB dh kindof dusty dh in my head.. n i'm soo not into memory spring cleaning now.. (xcept for the part that i heard sobbs before the sad part begins.. haha.. dats another one..) hehs.ok2.. let these stuffs do the wonders keh..

ahah! lepas ni agk2 dh miong blaja.. akoo nk g tgk sume show kt blkng ni..(wishful thnkng)

laen kali.. akoo nk dok seblah percussions tu.. xkire!

ni closing ceremony die..(agak2 nk tcabot x tgn kibr2 bndere tuh?)

haha.. brader rmbut kembg tu mnarik perhatian.. (teeqah kate disyaki emshem..)

seb baek gmbr akoo yg tgh bersila smbil kerut2 dahi kt row bwh tu x di snap..(teater ni best.. siyes talk..)

ni lps show.. (kudos to rauf..)

ayte then.. toodz for now..~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

its a friend-life process..

pnh x rse mcm u'r not welcomed in the clan u always loiter n hangs with? a feeling like none of them nk lyn u n ur talkings to the extend that u felt brushed off.. u talk.. no one listens.. u did smthng.. nobody appreciated.. u try to be a happy virus.. it turns awkward.. it happens to me every once in a while..(except the happy virus thingy.. i don't do happy..) when it does.. i act strange.. i really do.. bcoz i dunno wuts wrong.. tell it straight.. if its my fault, yell it out for all i noe.. benci bile thngs turned iceberg cold.. coz smtimes, u can't fixed it.. it draws u apart n further apart.. so, better yet to quarrel n make up asap..

normally.. i couldn't care less.. if i felt not welcomed usually because i became too bad-mouthed-at-function.. i learned to fixed it somehow.. u have to.. kadang xkan member nk ckp:"weyh akoo terase la ko ckp mke akoo cm rumah x siap.." come on.. u got enough neurons to figure u hurt them by chance now don't u.. time ni klu sorry seems to b the hardest word is sooo a crapness saying..

i respond to every stuff i displeased of with total ignorance(honestly, not very proud of that).. i ignored to much i guess.. when things get tough.. when u hv to think it thru as a way out.. when there's no way out except for heartache cuz i hv to go with the flow.. why not go with the flow beforehand? see..? everyone slalu nk bnde yg xleh dpt.. its always about going for the impossible kan x? myself included big time.. i hv quite a numbr of sensitive friends.. love them all equally.. n sbb tu lah.. i hv to learn somehw that my lancangness wud hurt them.. coz smtimes, the closer u r, the better chance u get to hurt ur frens with slight sarcasticsm.. so don't b sarcastic now shall we?

the ignorance i hv is not frm birth (pheewwhh..) i used to want to be someone dats totally not me.. anyone other than myself.. i tried following or copying (to be precise) multiple people i noe on their lyfstyle n thnkng.. but somehow it just doesn't sound and feel rite.. its like owning smthng dat doesn't belong to u frm the very start.. oh, did i mentioned dat i get bored verrrry easily.. yeah, i seriously do.. so when it's not rite, i tend to get bored of myself n my doings.. so i decide to go along with the flow.. i hate plannings.. which equals to breakdowns n dissapointments.. afraid.. as well as hating it.. but when thngs started to fall into place.. i guess there r crucial decisions to be decide.. its me who is crazy enuff tak senonoh pnye perangai wat tatao je smtimes.. =P

kdg2 kan.. klu kite down.. o kwn kte tgh down.. maybe kite x mgharapkn diorg pujok kite.. sbb, being there is just gud enuff.. don't go further.. sbb smtimes the rite words to say is null.. it's rubbing salt to the wound now is it? o in other words: akoo sayang korg.. thnx 4 staying beside me.. but cud u pleessh2 drop it n say absolute nothing? consolations is the least i wud need rite now.. ha.. cmtu laa.. sigh~ (x phm akoo ngan diri sndiri..)

rindu iejat & shafie~~ hmmphhff..

Monday, March 9, 2009

ahah.. somebody's retiring seventeen huh? its been a great year living in.. lots of new things n continuation bits by bits of the ol' same thing.. not very same nemore so i believed.. =S

so here's one of the awkward hi-lite.. hahaha..(gelak dlu) in class.. i've never sat kt depan.. tgh penah kott.. kott laa.. (couldn't recall) but thats not it.. kat blkg mmg mke2 cnstant je.. these faces are like writtened on the forehead 'the seat at the back belongs to us'. but dats not it.. we talk n laugh n talk n yacking all our might along the way thru classes or no class regardless.. so, nk djdkn cerite.. all awhile, we never cared ble one of us(yg kt blkg ni) crack a joke out of blue sbb nnti gelak satu kroni la kan2.. tp dis time around.. it's not us cracking anythng, it the lecturer.. dgn halusnye die wat lawak.. n dat time the ones yg noticed r the 3 non-stop yackers..(myself included).. so without further notice, we laughed out loud.shut up. the whole class terkezut.. gave us an awkward glare+stare b4 sir tnye: ape yg klakar? we'r still n our bits of gags that time.shut up. when we'r done laughing bru realized dat maybe.. a high potential maybe.. my classmates we thinking we'r just some loonies laughing unreasonably.shut up.shut up. segan plak tetibe. but then again.. tibe2.. they laugh.. 4 the same reason why we did few moments ago.. i got a bit flared up but still bit embarrassed.. so i let go.. but, when i came to think about it l8er on.. i can't brush off the embarassment felt.. nape ah? ntahlaa.. haha.. oh2, mybe sbb its just the three of us but we laughed like its there's 30 of us..oh shut up already.

i've alwys loved gifts n pretzies.. i really do.. when it comes to those things, i really don't care wut's given.. ok, so beat it i hate that all glared-flashy-girly-sweet pink color. but do they actually tot that if i'm given stuff in such color that i wud actually toss it away..? oh come on.. its the tots that counts kan2? i like that saying.. its deep.. haha.. rata2 my friends sume pnh ugut nk bg bday pretzies in pink.. can i ever say no? evn if i hate the color, u guys r giving it to me as a significance of remembering me (in such a pranky way though).. but still.. kate kawan kan..? amek je la kan2.. xpe, i'll bought myself the new u2 cd.. nk harap korg mcm tggu bono dtg umah akoo.. hmmphff..

oh.. i got new revo.. until its achieved, lets let the revo of mine be pendingly mystery ayte..

gtg 4 now..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

issues n things involved~~

hmmphhff.. pnat2.. assngmnts.. xms.. test.. all toppling..on top of all that.. i'm under silence..
being loudspeaking seems tough now i bet.. pnat tao.. nk ckp lg nk wat hw lg.. nk study lg..
oh2.. speaking bout assgnmnts.. now i started on nk minat animated pixar products.. the storylines were splendid evntho kdg2 along the way ade rse cm ngah tgk animal planet pon ade gak..kudos 4 being my subject of assgnmnt buggies!!

college.. = fun n hell lots of stuffs.5 upsr.b my guest n swearing+cursings r occasionally allowed.hafal2 invertebrates lg.structure hydrocarbons lg.solving integrations.quizes3.cndolnces 2 Sir Venga =(.new timetable.tongtong+collaborate..haha.musical chair.kotak bracun gelabah2.ostrich nicknamed.tense upon unpad xms.longing 4 jeff buckley truly.madly.deeply.
living.fooling.learning.all maximized.

oh2.. btw.. by any chance.. klu u guys happen to b in a god bless smilling good mood+heart to buy me jeff buckley's cd.. i'll b loving u long time... =DD(i'm broke as usual.. hehs.)
*all mushy mushy 4 dat*

Friday, January 2, 2009

resolutions.. carried on..

last year's resolutions: i hv 3.. ok.. very tamak i know.. were to drown myself into wut i'm actually worth wasting my ass for rite now.. achieved.. then to be a bit tender.. for my part.. i've always am.. haha.. (my mom's sake..).. considered achieved.. oh, the last one.. umm.. this one's a bit embarrassing though.. ok2.. i promised to tone down my always..not achieved yet..!

well at least i have the effort.. i told some of my peeps bout this.. as expected.. before i knew it.. they're already on the floor laughing their guts off..i don't blame them though.. i couldn't help myself.. i even swear while stuttering.. i need serious help..noted..

so here's what i tot of doing.. for this blissful 2009's resolutions.. i'll carry on with that toning down my swearings.. but this time.. i'll just hv that for my resolution.. yay! x tamak dah.. =DD n to not make my resolution n effort in vain.. for every swearings i utter.. bills r taken out of my pocket money.. oh, cannot2.. i'll be the most broke person in the whole wide world in no time.. admitted.. i swear a lot throughout a day of my talkative life.. i don't know.. i seriously don't.. wut i'm pretty sure of is.. i'll think of somethng.. sooner.. or later.. how late? i can't figure it out though..

my brother always said this: "ko ni byk sgt carut2.. cm jantan.." not always i thnk.. all the time dat is.. ahaha.. how m i ever be cured from dis swearing n stuffs? despite all the crapness dat keeps evolving around me? i got people ticking me off religiously.. now seriously.. swearing is not wat i lived for okay.. its just a dark tangled habit i confront whenever i came off to b speechless and angst at the same moment.. it slips thru my lips without my permission.. hee..

enuff about that already.. king n umee are coming back this sunday!! now dats a good thing to cherish.. boredom n burdens n poverty of savings r about to come to an end.. god knows how hard it is when u hv younger siblings that splurge as heavy as u does only that they uses ur money to splurge hell as they'd love..but this time.. it teaches u the other part of unfairness in life.. u r the elder one.. beat it.. hehs. i did that to my brother too.. padan muke akoo haha..

oh yeah.. i missed my housemates though.. its funny when u can do the same fun thing when u get together n missing one another when u guys are off to respective hometowns for some other stuff n part of life.. regardless.. as long as we're friends, no matter how rotten u became.. u still b someone we know as one of us.. =DD