Sunday, February 15, 2009

issues n things involved~~

hmmphhff.. pnat2.. assngmnts.. xms.. test.. all toppling..on top of all that.. i'm under silence..
being loudspeaking seems tough now i bet.. pnat tao.. nk ckp lg nk wat hw lg.. nk study lg..
oh2.. speaking bout assgnmnts.. now i started on nk minat animated pixar products.. the storylines were splendid evntho kdg2 along the way ade rse cm ngah tgk animal planet pon ade gak..kudos 4 being my subject of assgnmnt buggies!!

college.. = fun n hell lots of stuffs.5 upsr.b my guest n swearing+cursings r occasionally allowed.hafal2 invertebrates lg.structure hydrocarbons lg.solving integrations.quizes3.cndolnces 2 Sir Venga =(.new timetable.tongtong+collaborate..haha.musical chair.kotak bracun gelabah2.ostrich nicknamed.tense upon unpad xms.longing 4 jeff buckley truly.madly.deeply.
living.fooling.learning.all maximized.

oh2.. btw.. by any chance.. klu u guys happen to b in a god bless smilling good mood+heart to buy me jeff buckley's cd.. i'll b loving u long time... =DD(i'm broke as usual.. hehs.)
*all mushy mushy 4 dat*