Sunday, May 3, 2009

and thats that.. what is?

dh sebulan since my last approxmately to b adequate.. there's no busy, nor hustle, nor timeless.. the fittest word wud b cudn't b bothered..haha.. + a huge laziness.. many things turned up since the IB nite.. my daily stuffs r a bit topsy turvy now.. it always has been kan x? scratch dat.. my life is as crazy as it is.. well wuts not.. =)

hmm.. after IB, let see.. oh yeah, i went tru a verry.. how to put this.. sucky? despicable? i dunno~ day.. i was behind the wheels for the longest time n the furthest distance in my p license history..
it was wednesday.. my IT class was on the second session.. so, me with a couple of my friends went on to accompany my other friend for a check up.. well there goes nothing.. first to the pusrawi nearby, then refered to the selayang hospital to only b turned down for one damn reccomendation letter that soon brings us to set our foot to sumwhere in selayang area.. oh right, by the time we got there, its lunch time.. but the q was reaching hundreds.. so we decide to climb off to the darling place of semashurians-Ulu yam people! there, was the most unfortunate happened.. we actually met a nurse who isn't at all friendly but also cranky to the tops.. i got all furious just thinking the way things going on for us with her that time.. lyk sumbody we noe kan deby? hahaha.. n guess wut.. we actually tried our luck to go to the place before we hit ulu yam.. n we got the letter we've wanted the whole day without worries.. if only we waited a bit.. haaiih..~ oh yeah, that's the day, i skipped a full day classes.. shud get a medal now don't i? =P

oh yes.. since a month passes by, i m now officially not going to bandung.. i dunno.. what? EVERYTHING seriously.. i dunno wat hell is turning up actually, why, where will i b after dis, when i'll be flying.. i dunno these shit.. seriously i don't.. n when bothersome+wonderings.. no its not awesome.. its aweful n revoltingly tiring.. people say this n dat.. it gives hope though.. but not for long.. the hopes r quickly demolished the moment it got build up.. but nothing is yet to be confirmed.. it's a verry shitty feeling i must say..

the latest thing.. hmm.. oh yea.. our lecturing hours r over n done with people! that is the cherry on top of the cream.. but the cream doesn't taste good.. yeah we're done with lectures.. but the scheds r now filled with labs.. it sounds fun though.. but hearing can never b believing.. we moved our classes to a new building the college has been renting.. new to us but not the building.. the labs r downstairs.. set up just for us-the foundation peeps.. but it was hot as in burning.. its like a visit its like a job in the sauna where the temps are the max.. n the best thing was, during experimnts, we must put on the lab coats, kill me now.. urrghh~~
well dats wut to endure for the moment.. lets face the heat now that we can't do anything can't we? ciao~