Friday, December 26, 2008

hey.. i'm longing here too ayte..?

one of my beshties did blurt out dis: "klu minggu xm rse cepat sangaat.. klu minggu nk blk.. mcm tunggu pakcik bas d pg sabtu.." hee.. i scratched up the penyu part.. =P

she's totally rite though.. last week b4 break ade indonesian peeps coming down.. overviews.. yada3.. ovrview on the morning site.. classes after lunch.. sound like full sched like always.. tp going thru.. sooo damn lame.. i wonder why..sigh~

part of it akoo cm tao knape.. i long for my parents to comeback.. bunyik cm tabah time dorg g dat day.. tp counting days r hell damn hard tao x? jelesnye la akoo kpd mereka yg parents dorg dh blk.. umee blk la cpt.. (ok akoo what?) hehs.

oh2.. akoo rse akoo ade this thing la ngan parking neh.. ape la susah.. nk parking straight pun lost2 lg.. amek ko..dat day kan dh bjaye tangglkn cat picanto.. ksian gle kete tu.. kete akoo pun satu.. dented la sket.. xde la akoo rse bsalah sgt.. eeeshh.. ntah laa.. maafkn saye ye picanto.. =(

its funny how u can b infamous and famous in just a blink of eye.. at one point.. nobody noticed u were an extra that died in a movie.. n the next thing u knew.. girls r all head over heels on you because u played the so-called drop dead gorgeous immortal creature dat shimmers in the sun in another movie..u got that rite.. its edward cullen everywhere..! tolong la wehh.. korg x nmpk ke lips die lg merah drpd bella.. now akoo confuse nk ckp sape yg cntek.. ahaha.. sorry girls.. akoo rse die cntek ah.. seriously i do.. in spite of the character he is in the storyline.. undeniably too good too be true now don't u think.. all hail pale-shimmering vampires! hehs.

i got bored very easily.. as in VERRRY.. boring ah ngan tracks collection skang.. nk start playlist bru.. but nothing exciting.. ape la hollow sangat.. boring gak klu x klas.. tatao nk wat ape.. nk wat HW malas.. nk drive around.. fulus mania akoo ade sedikit system of a down..ahaha.. ntah laa.. i'm too lazy to even hate anyone at the moment.. soo broke i can't even PAY attention..toodz~

.longing.broke.responsible. lalok.lazy.blabber.stutters.thrash.thrash.thrash.TQ.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

head-stucked;pissed off

ahaha.. minggu ni.. it's been quite a week.. classes 24-7.. assgnmnts flooding in.. pitih yg luak memanjang.. ha, one t0pic per lecture..rebutan class among lecturers.. agk2 dpt piala ke rebut cmni? adoyai..

hmm wut else? seventeen police club.. josh groban.. joy division.. wahh! lame x dgr.. oh ya.. assgnmnt chemistry + biologos..chinese cinderella.. the ash garden.. for one more day.. persingghn yg cnstant ke 7E.. kdg tu x bli ape pun.. jue la ni.. ahaha..

oh2.. saye mintk maaf kpd auntie cleaner kt mcis yg tpakse wat keje due kali sbb saye ngan mke x bsalahnye mngotorkn blk tmpt yg die dh occupied.. cuak gak mse tu takot kne maki.. sorry auntie!! =O

hatreds do last don't they? klaka.. dis week and few weeks b4 member2 akoo was soaked wif this kind of emotional turbulence.. nk gelak pun ade nk curse pun ade.. girls klu kne komen ke kne condemn sket mesti emotions yg show up dlu.. when things started to get sloppy n complicated bru rationality walk in kan? dun worry akoo pun same.. we can't help it now do we? hehs.

time is a really as in REALLY good healer though.. no matter how red we r wif the angst.. sooner o later jd bygones jgk.. though its rather hard to forget thn forgive kan.. kite jd neutral ngan people involved n peristiwa tu.. ok.. mayb not the people.. hee..

just bcoz akoo diam x bmakne akoo x pissed off.. i am.. i am..! ntahla2.. malas nk pikir.. =X

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

all then n presence=contentment

things do change now.. as in BIG TIME.. the efforts,exhaustion,disliking&likings and byk lg was warned x to b the same any longer..
ade a few stuffs dat cud pull me back to those days.. but x lame.. sbb people move on kan.. as life does.. tipoola x rindu.. it hurts jgk..
tp knowing dat things will NEVER b the same again.. makes the wound stays as it heals by time.. tp still there.. org ckp.. klu kite kuat reminiscing.. means dat kite x ready nk let go of sumthing.. cayelah.. bnde tu sume bullshit.. then u might just pegi brain-electroexecute spy leh lupe sume tu..pd akoo.. bile kite teringt those daes.. mknenye at least kite ade x byk pun sikit la kngn of who or what we r that makes us today..n dat is a total regardless of bitter or sweet "those days".. the words r x copyrighted mine.. sumbody ntah lpe sape.. but it make a whole lot sense kan x? noeing dat wat akoo lebih contented in wat comes n go.. contentment yg akoo ade skang stay n akoo ske ngan keadaan skang coz obviously akoo A-OKAY.. =)