Wednesday, October 28, 2009

before dis gets flush off..part second

wut did i blab about? oh yeah.. my acer sayang~ okie2..

hmm.. there goes my memory bizarre.. agak x ingt disitu.. jap2..

oh.. at that time i'm home from class n the nite before, just before i hit the bed i encountered some sort of unusual system of not responding on all the windows tab operating that starts with the wmp list.. nothing could be done.. its jammed all over.. and before long, the lappy hanged.. since a toddler, i can never tolerate any kind of system of a down let it b in bikes, p.s. phone, the brick game thingy or even ball.. there's no chance of seeing me pleading the devices wif kaseh-sayang mode like "ohh jgn la rosak", "please get back to normal" n whatnot.. u'll only get to hear me swearing all i might then took off the battery or turning off the main power system.. so i did exactly dat.. blame me for all u want but hey, i wasn't borned a technician okayy.. hehs.

i was downloading the full album of the drop-dead dreamy jeff buckley.. the next morning when i put back the batt, it refused to start windows.. didn't i say before i have a problem on morning wake ups? so i was in a half-awake-still-dreaming state n i'm as always.late. oh dammit.. i'm late n the windows is nailing me.. so i unplugged the power supply n i'm off to class couldn't care lessly~

class usually finished before noon.. done with class for the day, i made a heavenly plan of going back, listening to the mista buckley i previously downloaded.. oh yeah, absolutely forgotten my lappy had gone bananas.. as soon as i reached the room first thing first was turning on my laptop.. although not very surprised, ever tasted the feeling of hoping confidently on something n it turns out disastrous to the point where cat got your tongue? the setback wasn't huge.. tp my jeff buckley? sigh~ nk carut pun speechless dh.. cuz it won't start no matter wut i do..

later.. the others(as in my floormates) came back n we had lunch at the alley when one of us popped a subject of sumthing about blogs n online shopping n stuffs then told me to go surf the web bout it.. i was facing the floor as i have no interest in shopping since i publicly declared not long ago that "afiqahadillah xd duit"which by short means that i'm terribly pokai tahap kalah mahjong ngan sifu.. then i answered back: hmm.. dlu time arwah laptop akoo ad rajin gak g link tu.. all eyes attention were drawn to me..they ask me as if its their first time of hearing my laptop goes on strike.. i get up.. put on an u-heard-it-rite face n walk away..

lucky for me.. i have faaza (tenkiuus kandak.. lebiu!) this time saying dat she wants to fix her OS counterfeiting problem n stuffs. so we went to the fixing centre n have both our laptops fixed overnite.. mine got reformatted (alaa~ mcm x biase plak) but i got new additional softwares.. later, i spill it to abah bout wat happened n how devastating to loose my ongoing-no-backup assignmnts in the laptop (manje.. akoo tau..) upon hearing it for the second time.. dis is wat the king responded ngan tenangnye : "screwed again? next time u see a river bank.. just throw it down there.. " then saying he'd asked abang to buy hardisk for me later.. tengss abah!

ohh.. u did not expect me to stop only in this part kan x? there's more to come.. dh mcm starwars la plak an.. bear with me okie.. till then.. tenkiuuus~

Monday, October 12, 2009

before dis gets flush off

this is wat telling off the story of the aspire 4530 that i own wud most likely be..

bought: 1 year 4 months ago
price: mystery (abah belikan)
color: ambiguosly dark blue
purpose:assgnmnt ngan tekun *yeah rite piko~*

basically dis is it.. n i tot we'd live happily ever after which makes me commit a huge mistake.. there's a series of unfortunate events that follows..

since at home i got abg to fix this..fix that.. n everything for me..(thnx abg!!) nothing left to b worried of since if the windows goes sengal by not responding for 2 seconds i'd b yelling for abg to fix it for me.. but seriously.. all the way at home.. nothing serious happened to this device of mine.. we really did live a happy time back then.. (internet lg laju kt my room then abg's).. then i bid the homeland a final farewell..

arrived from bandara.. on the phone wif umi.. tired from fasting n whatnot.. sat down to unpacked.. pull of the laptop from the bag n thought of watching movies taken from the hardisks
back at home.. suddenly the windows jammed.. couldn't care less as i've always been..i took off the battery to only give me the second biggest shock in my 18 years of living..(the first was to discover my sister boleh x yah g skolah agama.. berkire..i noe~) when i restarted the darn windows.. it keeps on repeating the same starting procedure n to start the windows is as impossible as hoping we're not studying here rite now.. sgt susah.. devastated at the first 2 minutes..i wished i didn't came here.. sedih okayy~ then the lappy gets reformatted n by the time its in my hands again, the condition is sgt suci.. bersih drpd file2 of hardwork in Unity.. adoyy.. xp, i'm okay.. jgn rosak lagi keh lalink~

before long.. another part..

tp nxt post eh.. etika kristian n book reviews menunggu ah..

call me a bad ass or whatnot.. as a judgemental community u hv all the rights to do so.. its in the All human rights article..(not the part of calling me a bad ass tho).. ske ati ah.. my post.. my story.. my blog.. tenkiuuss~