Friday, January 2, 2009

resolutions.. carried on..

last year's resolutions: i hv 3.. ok.. very tamak i know.. were to drown myself into wut i'm actually worth wasting my ass for rite now.. achieved.. then to be a bit tender.. for my part.. i've always am.. haha.. (my mom's sake..).. considered achieved.. oh, the last one.. umm.. this one's a bit embarrassing though.. ok2.. i promised to tone down my always..not achieved yet..!

well at least i have the effort.. i told some of my peeps bout this.. as expected.. before i knew it.. they're already on the floor laughing their guts off..i don't blame them though.. i couldn't help myself.. i even swear while stuttering.. i need serious help..noted..

so here's what i tot of doing.. for this blissful 2009's resolutions.. i'll carry on with that toning down my swearings.. but this time.. i'll just hv that for my resolution.. yay! x tamak dah.. =DD n to not make my resolution n effort in vain.. for every swearings i utter.. bills r taken out of my pocket money.. oh, cannot2.. i'll be the most broke person in the whole wide world in no time.. admitted.. i swear a lot throughout a day of my talkative life.. i don't know.. i seriously don't.. wut i'm pretty sure of is.. i'll think of somethng.. sooner.. or later.. how late? i can't figure it out though..

my brother always said this: "ko ni byk sgt carut2.. cm jantan.." not always i thnk.. all the time dat is.. ahaha.. how m i ever be cured from dis swearing n stuffs? despite all the crapness dat keeps evolving around me? i got people ticking me off religiously.. now seriously.. swearing is not wat i lived for okay.. its just a dark tangled habit i confront whenever i came off to b speechless and angst at the same moment.. it slips thru my lips without my permission.. hee..

enuff about that already.. king n umee are coming back this sunday!! now dats a good thing to cherish.. boredom n burdens n poverty of savings r about to come to an end.. god knows how hard it is when u hv younger siblings that splurge as heavy as u does only that they uses ur money to splurge hell as they'd love..but this time.. it teaches u the other part of unfairness in life.. u r the elder one.. beat it.. hehs. i did that to my brother too.. padan muke akoo haha..

oh yeah.. i missed my housemates though.. its funny when u can do the same fun thing when u get together n missing one another when u guys are off to respective hometowns for some other stuff n part of life.. regardless.. as long as we're friends, no matter how rotten u became.. u still b someone we know as one of us.. =DD