Saturday, September 26, 2009

to be frank, i'm fond of it..

my name dat is..

oh shite.. i did another mischievous doings again.. then, there we have it.. my dad goes off yelling my name: AfiqahAdillah!! u set ur foot here rite dis instant! dare me n u'll b sleeping outside.. so thats wat happened evry once in a while.. since i'm a good(at-hiding-my-mistakes)girl n abang hates me for that.. i don't get to have my name yelled off dat frequent.. but that's not the thing.. i'm impressed by how my full name cud actually make me grew very fond of it..

it started just recently.. there's a phone call from a long~long~long~ time buddy.. this friend of mine keeps calling me by my full name during the whole length of conversation without forgetting.. (ke senanye die lpe akoo ni piko?) so u see.. when i met someone new, introduction of my name would be:piko.. back then i used to introduce me as afiqah to someone new.. but times after, i tot, owh..wut the hell? sooner before i knew, they'd be calling me piko too n the name afiqah wud b history.. i'm cool with it bcos to me, if u noe me as piko then it differs u as my friend sbb friends call friends by their nicks n that's common.. i don't blame u guys for not knowing my full name or anything like it, besides loads of my science school peeps didn't noe i have AfiqahAdillah as a real name..people wud say: "owh, name pnoh ko afiqah adillah?" its not like i give a damn whether u noe it or not cause i find it amusing.. but somehow i kind of find myself in a dumbfounded state when i noe u long enuff to actually pull off ur intestine without having ur mother running after me with a parang for doing such things to u.. but not bothering to noe my actual name is a little too much now don't u think.. but if u can't even remember wat my name is, then i guess its harder to say it off, let alone spelling it..

i have a friend, after watching one of the episodes of nur kasih, insisted on people to call her by her whole name.. (we tend to shorten it n call her by only the 2 end syllables) see.. i tot if i asked for the same thing, it'd be too much to asked for.. so i hushed, but later people keep asking n asking like i'm the information counter.. what's wrong with ur real name? don't u like it? it sounds nice to me.. the worst i've got so far wud b: kesian en.Mohamad Nor, penat2 beliau cari name best2, last2 jd piko? i felt like i've just came back from the oath departmnt n oath out my real name to b piko.. pastu i announced that from today n after i wud like to b piko in my ic, in my passport, in my kitas, on my belongings, to the extend that i'll be forever stick to piko as my real name that i want it carved on my tombstone in jawi when i die.. oh, come on.. its a nick n it stops there.. i signed my T.C. using the name afiqah.. my account name is honoured under my full name.. aiyoo.. relax will u? or if u still at the state of unaccepting which i cudn't make myself understand why.. take it like this.. u noe me as piko to differentiate this AfiqahAdillah from the afiqahs n adillahs u noe ur whole life.. ok? gud?

after writing all this, i wondered why do i bother thinking out ur disambiguity of my name as piko? oh, rite because its the world full off crazy judgmental people that never seems to settle down n understand as the way it is.. so if u find it still indigestable.. i don't give a damn.. fine.. go ahead, call me by AfiqahAdillah n waste ur amylase-medium.. as if i cared~

AfiqahAdillah.. thnx abah!!~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

things can't afford to be ignorant of..

thinking of how different the present raya is compared to the last n many previous ones never fails to amuse me.. if a graph were to b drawn.. its going down anually.. dis raya is always better TO BE LAUGHED AT than the previous one.. the occuring trivias mmg sumpah minta dikutuk.. n as a result: a revolting rage.. biasenye i dun rage by myself.. rage is fun when u hv few kroni yg satu kepala.. (dis rage is based on wat us siblings been yapping about)

hari raya is a sacred decent tradition celebrated by muslims.. thnx to umee.. it proves to give us, crazy siblings a family warmth where i impossibly can get elsewhere.. i love my mum.. n hari raya too.. but the more i see it.. the more present hari raya is seen ridiculed.. like how? lets start raging.. (it's my rage peeps.. ske ati ah nk ckp pe)

Hari Raya is Worth to be Raged on when:

i. how people cud just forgive with a simple apology line of maaf zahir batin..after swearing to hate the other party inside outside
u hv been in hot boiling water with somebody for almost a year.. siap sumpah lagi x mao ampunkn smpai 7 keturunan.. but then it only took one sweet smile n two sticking out hands saying slamat hari raya n wat not to make ur patella out of place n there's ur hepi ending~

ii.u keep on introducing whose son/daughter u r to the cousins n elders every year
dis to the xtend smpai rse cm nk pakai nametag siap ngan self-brief history lg..apebnde ntah x ingt2 akoo ank sape.. ad tu kenal abg akoo tp x knal akoo.. dh tu ingt akoo ni awek abg akoo.. so ngan slambenye akoo ckp: aah, kitorg tinggal serumah.. ha, nk tkeluar bijik mate dgr.. (argh.. *annoyed*) boleh ka cmtu? akoo bkn suh ingt koordinat tmpt duduk akoo time drjh 2 dulu..

iii.the now showing on telly drives us bananas
boleh ka tiap2 tahun pun nk roll the same weeping mellow hindustan film.. but dats not the point.. the crazy thing is, org layan.. klu tayang seploh kali seploh kali tu la nk tgk.. kadang sambil2 tu siap mouthing the dialogues lg.. klu x cte hindustan, cite melayu.. n that is specific..:REMPIT. pastu the rookie singers r violating the sweet-worth-kudos classic hari raya songs.. it's too out of tune la weyh.. rse cm nk taboh je diorg ni..sigh~sigh~sigh~

iv.people tot giving xtra few ringgit wud enlist them as the people with world hunger problems
yg ni fo sho all of u won't agree n claim me greedy.. well taste dis.. eversince u can't remember, this uncle of urs bg duit raye at a super constant value.. as a judgemental clan.. (mcm akoo x tao) korg mesti ckp.. ey, bersyukur la drpd xd piko.. when i shoot dis to umi, being angelic as she always is.. beliau kate.. yela, korg kan 5 org.. so budget die dh 25 hengget.. klu die bg sorg 10 dh brape hengget kne kua.. x fair la sbb anak die sorg je.. ee.. my umi never put that to account when it comes to giving his kid duit raye.. (aiyoh! marahnye~) besides, salah kitorg ke ank die sorg je? *pulling hair*

to b frank.. there r more rages to b trashed about.. truckloads of 'em.. but then, since this is the eid n maaf zahir batin seems to b the magic word, lets put it at halt.. ey, notice i didn't swear at all now didn't i? i deserve some cmplimnts i believe.. hehs. Jadi, saye AfiqahAdillah Mohamad Nor wud took off evry bits of sincerity deep down in me to amend my mistakes of sayings, doings, n thinkings by means or no means by my deepest apology.. there r times when i blurted out words n actions out of emotionality rather than rationality n that i'm sorry too.. Selamat Hari Raya!!~