Sunday, April 5, 2009

50 bucks worth of repenting-tears

oh yeah.. last feb (wut date.. x ingt dh..) pegi IB!! best.. dat place never fails to amuse me.. (ya la.. the plays were diffrnt kan..) dis time around.. pegi ngan housies!! all this while i've been there with semashurians.. riding on the school bus.. ahah.. not dis time bebeh.. me, Nurafiqah Adillah Mohamad Nor, risking the lives of sum other 4 anak orang drive to IB.. hehs.

IB was ok.. so was the show.. oh x2.. scratch that.. the show was inevitably mesmerizing.. my 50 bucks was worth indeed.. i tot so.. nk pegi lagi.. nak g lagi..! nk dok kt grand circle lak.. x kire..

disbbkn the storyline of our journey kt IB dh kindof dusty dh in my head.. n i'm soo not into memory spring cleaning now.. (xcept for the part that i heard sobbs before the sad part begins.. haha.. dats another one..) hehs.ok2.. let these stuffs do the wonders keh..

ahah! lepas ni agk2 dh miong blaja.. akoo nk g tgk sume show kt blkng ni..(wishful thnkng)

laen kali.. akoo nk dok seblah percussions tu.. xkire!

ni closing ceremony die..(agak2 nk tcabot x tgn kibr2 bndere tuh?)

haha.. brader rmbut kembg tu mnarik perhatian.. (teeqah kate disyaki emshem..)

seb baek gmbr akoo yg tgh bersila smbil kerut2 dahi kt row bwh tu x di snap..(teater ni best.. siyes talk..)

ni lps show.. (kudos to rauf..)

ayte then.. toodz for now..~