Saturday, July 18, 2009

despicable pink n the sayings

i went.. to jakarta.. last 10th to 13th.. some gud thngs r good.. others.. awful.. i got an extremely special souvenier.. sick.. weylaa piko.. sakett sket pun nk g tao dunia.. ya.. pampered.. i noe.. akoo g toilet lg slalu drpd kelip mate n such stories sure korg x kan allow ur eyeballs to read kan? oh.. nk cte psl ukrida ngan sume2 kt jakarta tu nxt post la eh.. nk puke la..

piko.. nape blog ko english je.. cat caught ur mother tongue? tidaak.. english akoo mcm crapness tao.. jd.. the least i cud do.. practice tules in english in blogs la.. ye ah.. nxt post i'll write malay.. akoo kan melayu...*gave myself goosebumps*

when i fell sick.. my mum blame jakarta for the food n the shopping timing.. haha.. my sis blamed the water.. she said the water taste like toilet evn if u stay in 16 twinkling stars hotel skalipun.. haha.. i blame the sayings that ur in pink of health.. since i despise the color.. now the nature is trying to get back at me.. like the color or u'll never b healthy.. like, neva okay..

got 2 ciao.. need to puke..again..sigh~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

what makes u a royal shi*head??

last friday, i went back to melaka.. yea la jmpe my nenek.. xkan jmpe hang tuah plak.. b4 crashing at her place.. first off we head to the bank.. my umee wants to poke money.. n guess wat i saw right at the outside of the bank.. some kid begging at people that walks out of the bank for some extra bucks.. yes a beggar if i must say.. but somehow, it struck my long-gone-due-to-no-use rationality because my brother said that such people are orphans from the orphanage.. upon hearing dat, i was like.. wut the hell? is the fact that they have no parents give u the green light to make them beg.. well thats not the worst part here.. the money they get aren't for them, its for another third party dat uses it all on their own benefits.. oh come on~

the thing that hell i couldn't make myself understand is, why make fool out of people's empathy? using orphans to beg is one of the lowest thing of morale to b done.. if they don't have any morale then dats another story.. but think of it if such things ever happen to someone of ur flesh n blood? so, i don't get it.. do these people ever think or heartfelt? no brains or no heart?stuuupid~

rite.. i'm not noble myself either.. i swear n curse like saying hello.. solat bleh kire seblah tgn jeh beb.. but then i'm still aware that makan harta ank yatim dose kott.. both my empathy n sympathy are as small as the matches drawer but i think i've use it all dis time because its too pitiful to see wut the orphans hv to do to ensure living.. n its not for their benefits though.. its for some other scumbag dat hv horrendous heart n face to do it themselves.. it awakens me to realize how less gratitude i hv been all these while for not fully appreciating what i have n had all along.. people might say i'm just being soft hearted.. but i say, the world is being harsh n unfair.. its not just me then.. its me n the world i suppose..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sleeping pills? No?

its striking 2 in the a.m. manner.. i cudn't wink my eyes to actually cnvince me to crash the slumbers.. its tiring but yet insomniac ruling..

i'm done filling the agreements.. all there's left is for certified true copy n upacara tandatangan secare berjemaah.. the lecehness? its out of question.. wuts not? in times like dis..

i can't decide to call this a problem or x.. here goes.. i get over emotions in split seconds.. the moment i think deep.. is actually the moment i forget to overreact..(i hardly get the chance dat all girls do!!) sometimes.. its kudos.. most of the time.. it sucks.. it really does.. n guess wat? i dun giv a damn.. haha.. crazy.. double ditto.. i noe..

there's this ridiculously amusing thing going on in the agreement.. somewhat i've came across the requirement that needed u to tell: negara pilihan.. *pulling hair* bile kale plak kite diberi pilihan dlm perkare ini weh.. n since i tot so.. mara answered quite beforehanded.. i think they just got the whole idea of me killing myself due to such requirement if we were to fill it up or they're just plain understanding now don't they..

oh eyes.. please sleep.. n eyelids.. please meet.. the eyeballs feel like popping out.. n mouth.. please..please..yawn.. a simple one will do.. i promise no more excess sleep now dat i can't afford one..

n.. oh yeah.. org2 kampung!! teeqah ad tepon bru kot.. Nokia 5800 silver..!! toodz~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

something to b expected..

ahah.. here's a thing to start with.. its indonesia people! haha.. bet i didn't c this one coming though.. ya..ya.. btol la tu.. Ukrida,indonesia that is..

the kri stands proudly as kristen.. (not very proud to say out loud kan x?) my parents r worried hell.. (who's not?) somehow i'm going anyway.. but here's the thing.. the forms to be filled up is a pile.. i'm not through reading it yet.. sebabnye.. everytime i tried.. my hands chilled.. mcm nk wat presentation.. n send chills up my spine too.. sigh~sigh~sigh~ nothing of me that actually does listens to me lately.. body dysfunction gamaknye..

oh yeah.. i waved my goodbye already to the best self-stayed accomodation in my life ever=Palm Spring Condominium.. ok2.. i didn't live it off my own wages but still.. i stayed there now didn't i? if only i cud.. i would definitely not want to set my arse away from dat place.. its too convenient to be true.. but then who gives a damn? we live in things we make-believe at times..

so.. there's visa to go.. things to pack up organizingly(such word exist? no?) forms to fill.. forms to submit.. health to examine.. my pasport actually expires on april 2013 while i graduated (if i don't flunk(i hope not)) on the same year only later which fall on the june i think.. so from may to june i thought of trying to experience being illegal can i? haha.. *excited for nothing*