Tuesday, October 7, 2008

all then n presence=contentment

things do change now.. as in BIG TIME.. the efforts,exhaustion,disliking&likings and byk lg was warned x to b the same any longer..
ade a few stuffs dat cud pull me back to those days.. but x lame.. sbb people move on kan.. as life does.. tipoola x rindu.. it hurts jgk..
tp knowing dat things will NEVER b the same again.. makes the wound stays as it heals by time.. tp still there.. org ckp.. klu kite kuat reminiscing.. means dat kite x ready nk let go of sumthing.. cayelah.. bnde tu sume bullshit.. then u might just pegi brain-electroexecute spy leh lupe sume tu..pd akoo.. bile kite teringt those daes.. mknenye at least kite ade x byk pun sikit la kngn of who or what we r that makes us today..n dat is a total regardless of bitter or sweet "those days".. the words r x copyrighted mine.. sumbody ntah lpe sape.. but it make a whole lot sense kan x? noeing dat wat akoo lebih contented in wat comes n go.. contentment yg akoo ade skang stay n akoo ske ngan keadaan skang coz obviously akoo A-OKAY.. =)