Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Realist kept thy word

orang jahat memang susah mati.. sorry random. setress tgk sinetron petang2 tu ha... :p


*tiup2 habuk*. *habuk x gerak sikit pon*. *pegi carik duster*. *give up*. *amek waterhost bkk besar2*. *bersihkan*. *bersihkan*. *nampak rupe blog sket*. *having a moment*. *ok that will have to suffice*

its been 2 years ++.. why did i stopped? dah x hipster dah tulis blog time tu.. haha *abes skang hipster la since org dah g swamp social network hub yg lain?* Nope. U can never be the oldest or the newest in trends so i've been taught. there's always something else before u or after u. curse u connecting brain neurons that creates ideas!!


ok. something else. why start again? why now? so u see i'm now on my fourth year in med school. fine. i'll let u guys have it. come on.. cards on the table. spill it. apesal ko x abes2 blaja lagi. org lain dah beranak 2 dah. anak die yg first dah nak ade boifren dah. ape course ko amek x abes2 ni? cakap2 sile2. nnti bile agak dah abes miskol aku dtg tulis balik. tp jgn lebey2 ha. or else pray hard i'll never make my way up as one of the people-that-has-a-say-in-the-healthcare-and-whatnots-of-the country's commision of medicine later on. i'll impose a law that all these kind are to be treated their illness with a jalapeno being constantly fed to thy mouth. yes i'm SAW-like evil liddat.. hehs. now back to the why(s). i'm on practical years now. before i started hating work and started having a constant longing for sleep and bed, i promised my nyawa (read : umi saye) i'll write my encounters. so that things that i wanted to share with nyawa would never left forgotten or unspoken. i'm not very good at saying out loud what i'm dealing with. but nyawa always knows. sometimes wayy beter than i can comprehend. so yeah i agreed to write in order to tell her every single thing of it. what i embarked on. who i met. what i avoid. who i learnt from. why i hate my attire that day. why people have no common sense. why they loose common sense. why i loose my head. why i think paediatricians are all pretty. every.single.thing.

n so what started as an idea i scoffed of at (sorry umi, i think its brilliant but am not really up for it at that time) became a daily habit. i bought a notebook with pretty patterns on it. left it on the table for 15 weeks n one day started to pick up a pen n wrote everything that happened for the past 15 weeks. then it became a routine. n yesterday was the last page. no. don't expect the formalities of "dear diary today i met a handsome man like johnny depp.hihihi" kinda bull, ughhh pliss dehh.. the first word.. my first word of every entry is random. i like random.its crazy.

with nowhere else to jot further cursewords of the day. here i am typing this as the first entry in a thousand elephant years. *clap**clap**clap* with many more to come (i hope) as i am lazy to get a new notebook. mwahahaha. ok. *straightened up**clears throat*

toodles. tomorrow is doubtful. totoro is fictitious.

In the name of Allah, the most gracious n the most merciful.